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Sally A. Shute, MA CIE
Principal of SAS Enterprises


Sally Shute has been providing services through SAS Enterprises since 1990.  As a Certified Industrial Ergonomist, she
has been contracting with San Francisco Bay Area organizations for ten years, including work with a high-tech company to
develop and implement ergonomics programs nationwide.
As a former Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), she applied over ten years of human resources management and consulting experience
to working collaboratively with department managers to redesign jobs and reduce the incidence and severity of injuries.  

With a masters degree in counseling, she applies effective coaching techniques in motivating clients to change risky behaviors and create a more
healthful lifestyle.   Through certification in massage and fitness instruction (water aerobics and Pilates matwork), she instructs clients on effective and
safe stretching and self-massage techniques, as well as encourages a broad exercise routine to improve fitness both on and off the job.   

With her experience in space planning and relocation management, she works well with facilities staff to evaluate any space planning issues that impact
safety and performance.   With a broad generalist background in health care and social services management, she understands the importance of
cost-benefit analysis to ensure interventions add value.

Garden Design:

Sally Shute received her certificate in landscape architecture from U.C. Berkeley Extension in May, 2005.  This included extensive coursework that
included five studio courses, three AutoCAD classes, and classes in plant identification, universal design and the Americans with Disabilities Act, social
factors, and construction and irrigation technology.  She has had a residential garden design practice since graduation.